Benefit of Goat meat!

Why You Should Consider Consuming Goat Meat? With so much popularity of chicken and pork, why goat meat should become one of your options? The problem with goat meat is, it’s closely associated with some cardiovascular conditions especially hypertension or the raise of blood pressure. People with those health conditions should avoid goat meat entirely. […]

Common Eider!

They spend much of their life sturdily bobbing along in frigid and turbulent oceans of the far north, and it’s because of that, many people don’t know much about them.Somateria mollissima is the common eider’s scientific name. Somateria comes from Greek meaning “down body” and mollissima is Latin for “softest”.Eiders, especially the common eider, can […]

Many of the deadly viruses that affect humans—including Ebola and HIV—have animal origins!

Many of the deadly viruses that affect humans—including Ebola and HIV—have animal origins. These infectious agents cross species barriers and establish themselves in their new human hosts with devastating consequences. Take Ebola, for example. Bats were thought to be the original reservoirs for the viruses, which transmitted the pathogens to other animals, including apes and […]


World Rabies Day 2021 “RABIES: FACTS, NOT FEAR” Today, September 28, 2021, is 15th World Rabies Day. To raise awareness on Rabies and its prevention and help the world come together to fight this dreadful and neglected disease, September 28 is being observed as World Rabies Day since 2007. It is the first and only […]

Mass rabies vaccination program organized by NVSA(Hicast) on the occasion of World Rabies Day-2021!

Mass rabies vaccination program organized by NVSA;Hicast  on the occasion of World Rabies Day-2021 . MVSA had vaccinated Next 100 Rabies vaccine around kritipur area today. They have totally vaccinated 300 dogs till now .They will be continuously vaccinating around kathmandu area. Thanks to Magic Marble Foundation for supporting in this program.

Malignant Hyperthermia in Animals!

Malignant hyperthermia (MH) is a potentially fatal pharmacogenetic disorder of skeletal muscle calcium regulation. Triggered by exposure to certain drugs or stressors, clinical signs include sudden and dramatic rise in body temperature, muscle fasciculation, muscle rigidity, tachypnea, tachycardia, arrhythmia, myoglobinuria, metabolic acidosis, renal failure, and death. An in vitro contracture test or DNA analysis are used […]

What is a flatfish?

What is a flatfish? No misnomers here. Flatfish are exactly what they sound like: fish with thin, oval or diamond-shaped bodies that are lie flat on the seafloor. There are 822 known species in 16 families, and they reside in oceans, estuaries, and freshwater environments in nearly every part of the globe. Well-known commercial fish, including flounder, […]

“Entelodont” Primitive animals are also known as ‘Hell Pigs’

Entelodont is a name given to any member of the extinct scientific family Entelodontidae. These large, primitive animals are also known as hell pigs. However, they are not related to modern pigs; rather, they are closer on the evolutionary tree to hippos and whales. Entelodonts were among the earliest of the pig-like lineages, known from the early to […]

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